Enterprise Account

Enterprise account include features that serves both moving companies and carriers. You can post your loads and/or long-distance trips, search for business partners or let them find you.

Here are some of the key features for users registered with Enterprise account:

  • Unlimited loads post – Once you post your loads, it will become available for carriers to request instantly.
  • Unlimited trips posts – Post as many trips as needed.
  • Locate suitable trips and/or loads anywhere on the map – Search for other companies trips and/or loads.
  • Send & Receive requests  Send and receive requests from other companies asking to perform your load pickup and/or delivery.
  • Search for other companies loads – Search other companies loads and send them request to add them to your trip and perform the pick-up & delivery task.
  • Load tracking – Once it has been picked up by a carrier, you can track your load location and status. *(1)
  • Fleet management – assign drivers to trips.
  • Trip tracking – Track of your trip/driver location. *(2)
  • Real-time communication – Stay in-touch with your business partner anytime or place.

The many benefits in using Moving Pipe:

  • Reduce the amount of your daily dispatch phone calls.
  • Intuitive dispatching interface.
  • Better control over your loads location & status.
  • Better time management.
  • Better utilization of your trucks space.
  • Enhanced control over your fleet
  • Happier customers.

(1) The accuracy of loads tracking depends on the carrier/driver installation and utilization of the Moving Pipe mobile app, and enabling location services on it.

(2) For enterprise admin, Trip tracking depends on the enterprise driver installation and utilization of Moving Pipe mobile app, and enabling location services on it. Make sure your driver has installed Moving Pipe app on their mobile device.