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Carrier Account

Carrier account is designed for moving, freight, and car transportation companies, who mostly performs long distance trips.

Some of the key features of the Carrier account:

  • Unlimited trip posts – Once you post your Trip, it will instantly become available for other companies to send request.
  • Search for other companies loads – Search other companies loads and send them request to add them to your trip and perform the pick-up & delivery task.
  • Send & Receive requests  Send companies request to pickup their loads and receive request from companies asking you to perform their load pickup & delivery task.
  • Load tracking – Let companies know where and what is their load status.
  • Real-time communication – utilize a messaging system that allows you to stay in-touch with your business partner anytime or place.

The many benefits you in using Moving Pipe:

  • Stop the numerous daily dispatch phone calls.
  • Intuitive dispatching interface.
  • Better control over your trips.
  • Better time management.
  • Enhanced trip management tool
  • Never drive empty.
  • Happier customers.

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