Broker Account

Broker’s account is designed for moving brokers

Here are some of the key features for users registered with Broker account:

  • Unlimited loads post – Once your loads are posted, they instantly become available for carriers to request
  • Find suitable trips anywhere on the map – Search for other companies trips
  • Send & Receive requests  Send and receive requests to and from other companies
  • Load tracking – Track your load status once it has been picked up by another carrier  *(1)
  • Real-time communication – Stay in-close-touch with your business partner

The benefits in using Moving Pipe:

  • Reduce the amount of your daily dispatch phone calls
  • Finding companies to perform the tasks made easy
  • Better control over your loads status
  • Happier customers

(1) The accuracy of loads tracking depends on the carrier/driver installation and utilization of the Moving Pipe mobile app, and enabling location services on it.