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To start using Moving Pipe and enjoy its benefits you need to begin adding your first trip.
Here’s how you do it:
  1. Tap on New Trip and fill out your trip details:
    • Select the type of goods you deliver (Rsidential, commercial, vehicle, etc’…).
    • Select the units type whether you work by volume or weight.
    • Available Space – Set current available space on your truck. (can be edited later)
    • Set your trip origin and final destination.
    • Add stops on route.
  2. When done filling out the form, click ‘Post’ to publish it.
  3. Your trip is now added to the Active Trips list and is now available for companies to search and request.


  • Adding stops to your trip will set your trip as available for requests near these pre-set stops, this will allow you to get requests near these areas in advance and make sure your truck stays full along your route.

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Now that you have posted your first trip, you can start searching for loads.

  1. Tap on Search Loads- A list of available loads near you will open.
  2. For your convenience, you can toggle between the List and Map views.
  3. Tap on a load to open its details.


  • By default the presented list shows loads near you, but you can actually locate loads anywhere on the map. Use the filter button to narrow down the results and search by: origin, destination, or size.

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Did you find a load of interest?

  1. Tap on a the load in the search results to open its complete details.
  2. Select your active trips that you want to assign that load to (if accepted by the load owner).
  3. Tap on Request.
  4. Once your request is accepted by the load owner, you’ll receive a notification and the load will be added to your selected trip.


  • In the load details, you can tap on the company name to contact and/or check the company’s details.

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Carriers can receive requests from companies asking to pick up their loads – these requests will be listed under Offered Loads page.

  1. Tap on Offered Loads.
  2. Tap on a load to open its complete details.
  3. If if interested in performing this delivery, select trip you want to assign it to.
  4. Tap on Accept.
  5. This load will be added to the trip you assigned it to.
  • To delete/decline a request tap on Delete.  You can also tap on Delete all requests to decline and remove all current requests.

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All of your trips will be listed under ‘Active Trips’. 

  1. Under Active Trips you have the option to delete (cancel), manage, or edit the trip\s.

  2. Delete – when you want to cancel the trip. If the trip contains an undelivered loads, the loads owners will be notified about the cancellation.
  3. Manage  manage the trip which includes:
    • The list of loads in the trip with the option to view their details and update their status. Loads you set status to ‘delivered’ will be highlighted in blue.
    • Current available space on your truck. (can be edited)
    • Trip total profit
    • Trip origin and destination
  4. Edit – edit trip details, modify available space and add stops.


  • As you can add loads to pick-up along your trip route in advance, the ‘available space’ value in the trip details might be negative. That’s totally normal assuming you currently have a virtual volume that haven’t necessarily picked up yet, and you’re probably going to drop some loads on your way. 
  • Since Load size can be different at the time of your pick-up, the carrier can Edit the load size (only). The load owner will be notified.
  • If the load had been modified by the load owner, you will receive a notification letting you know of the change.

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